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Re: Re[2]: wiper washer woes

On Fri, 20 Jan 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> My bet is that there is only one type of washer jet for all
> cars, maybe two varieties: heated and not. It's hard to believe
> that Audi would make a separate part that simple for the 90 versus
> the 100 versus the S4, etc.

I wouldn't be too sure.  Although it seems to be a Japanese concept, 
Germans too have used "change for change sake".  I used to work at a 
Honda motorcycle shop, where the rule was: every model year is a little 
bit different so as to eliminate interchangability, and, as everyone 
knows, universal parts fit nothing.  That's why they are called universal.

> The cold weather package was offered on just about every model.
> My 100Q has it; I can look for a part# if you want.

If you would be so kind to do so...
We just got a pretty nasty storm here in Ohio, and the jets froze again, 
despite use of a washer fluid that is supposedly good to -20 deg.

BTW, Bosch makes the best wiper blades, but just like everyone else, the 
refills are total trash.  I normally hate refills, but I thought Bosch 
would be able to handle such a manufacturing task.  I was wrong.  Replace 
the whole thing or go blind...IMHO of course...   

               ---87 4000S driver that can't see a durn thing