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Re: Good Battery Buy

 Subject:   RE> Good Battery Buy        Date:   1/23/95     Time:   11:10 AM
rottenma@ei.dupont.com (Mike Rottenborn) wrote:

>To add some more information to the battery thread, I picked up a new
>battery for my '89 200T at BJ's Wholesale Club (aka Price Club, Sam's, etc.).
>It was a Delco Freedom battery, 625 CCA, 60 month warranty, complete with
>vent for just $43.95.

I had a Delco Freedom battery in my 4000Q. The battery apparently developed
an internal leak, and vented itself onto the center differential lock actuator.
I'm back to using an OEM battery. With the battery located next to the
firewall, I get nervous with non-factory venting. The leak not only did in
two center diff. actuators in a year, but it also did a number on the battery
tray and assorted engine compartment paint.

Just my $0.02

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