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Re: Re[2]: wiper washer woes

Hi Bob,

>BTW, Bosch makes the best wiper blades, but just like everyone else, the
>refills are total trash.  I normally hate refills, but I thought Bosch
>would be able to handle such a manufacturing task.  I was wrong.  Replace
>the whole thing or go blind...IMHO of course...

Be aware that some of the Bosch wiper refills are US Bosch, not German 
Bosch. This was explained to me a few months ago while I was out looking for 
winter wipers, not having any luck finding a 20/21 inch set. After 
complaining to my friend at the foreign car parts store that the universal 
winter wiper clips were not universal enough for the Audi wiper arms, we 
started looking into the Bosch wiper refills. After looking over the wiper 
display for 21/22 inch length refills, he rembered a set he had in the back. 
The US Bosch stuff has the grey packaging, these other wipers came in the 
bright yellow Bosch packaging with a VW/Audi part number on them. I don't 
have it in front of me, but can post it if someone likes. These refills also 
came with the nice VW/Audi price, the list was something like $32 for 2 

He also mentioned that at least there are good refills available. It seems 
that some of the newer BMW and Mercedes cars are using wipers that are 25 
inches and larger, and these have no refills available. The replacement 
wipers cost around $45 each and are available only from the dealer at this 
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com