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Re: FS:1981 Audi GT Coupe

On Mon, 23 Jan 1995, Chad Shepherd wrote:

> Unfortunately I must sell my GT Coupe. The good news is we now have an 87
> 4000s though I wish it were quattro! So here is the info if anyone is
> interested.
  Bah!!  Don't wish it was a quattro until you get the feel of it.  I 
have an 87 4000S also and it offers better performance than a stock 4000q 
in good weather, yet gets me where I want to go the other 9 months of the 
year.  Don't underestimate the power of the four! (force??)

I drove an 87 4000q and it seemed heavier (it is) than the FWD model and 
didn't have the zip that I wanted around town.  

I must admit, this winter I kept thinking "need a quattro for next 
winter".  One Audi is simply not enough for everything.