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Re: D&W Catalog

>> So, did anyone else notice the big ad in this month's European Car for
>> a D&W catalog? I remember a thread a while back which highly recommended
>> it . . .

>> $49.95!!!!! For a stupid catalog. OK, maybe a great catalog, but 50 small
>> ones? Holy Cow Paddies!  Still, it has pictures of nekkid wimmin . . .

> Agreed, $50 for any catalog is a bit steep, even with a "bit-o-porn" 
> thrown in to titilate the eyes . . .I guess 'ol Ron thinks he has 
> something unique. I really wonder.

I got one from D&W many years ago (1987?), for about DM 10.-.  It's a neat
catalog, even ignoring the nekkid women, but the prices tend to be fairly
high.  And $50 is definitely outrageous -- but I don't think D&W will send
their catalog overseas otherwise.

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