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Re: Batteries

On Wed, 25 Jan 1995, Kristian Steenstrup wrote:

> According to James N Gagliardi:
> .........
> > short and very thick.  I replaced the chassis ground with a large
> > diameter cable running straight to the block.  Many people don't realize
> > the importance of good connections.  The resistance of a wire is related
> > to its length over the radius squared.  I don't think my car would even
> > turn over with one of those under the seat battery set ups.  When it's
> > cold you need every amp that you can get.
> > 
> given that a warmer battery produces more amps would it be a practical 
> emerency cold weather procedure to warm the battery and block using those
> pocket warmers you can get for outdoor sports (the things that are sealed
> bags that produce heat for about an hour or two) I was thinking of slipping
> one uder the rear seat and one under the hood when parked at ski fields etc.
> comments?

I don't really think that they would produce enough heat to make a 
difference.  I friend of mine installed a freeze-plug type block heater 
in his VW Fox.  He has had great results, and says it warms the coolant 
in about an hour or so.  For best results leave it plugged in overnight.  
Of course, it would take a very long extension cord to get to the ski slopes!