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[Robert D. Houk: D&W Catalog]

One of the other things I noticed in the latest issue of European Car was
an artist's rendering of the next Ferrari 348 (somewhere near the back in
a brief article).  The car shown bears a striking resemblance to the 
stillborn Audi Quattro Spyder showcar of a few years ago, at least in
terms of "cab forward" appearance and stance.  Just my 1/50th of $1...

					- Chris Idleman
					  '87 Coupe GT

PS - And yes, the D&W Catalog is outrageously overpriced........!

> Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 10:04:27 EST
> From: "Robert D. Houk" <rdh@sli.com>
> Subject: D&W Catalog
> So, did anyone else notice the big ad in this month's European Car for
> a D&W catalog? I remember a thread a while back which highly recommended
> it . . .
> $49.95!!!!! For a stupid catalog. OK, maybe a great catalog, but 50 small
> ones? Holy Cow Paddies!
> Still, it has pictures of nekkid wimmin . . .
> 					-RDH