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Re: 4000q hp

    Does anyone know how much hp can be tweeked from the 4000q's 5cyl
   engine?  Maybe I'll purchase a 4000q instead of a 5000tq.  To anyone who
   responds, please do not limit modifications on the basis of money.  I'll
   pay (almost) anything for more hp!  Thank you.

Well . . .

Audi regularly tunes their 5-bangers to 500-800hp (for a few hours, any-
ways). 'twould prolly cost ya the equivilent of a small house, though.
Try Buffum/Libra Racing (VT somewheres, check out the FAQ). 

I believe the 4000q is non-turbo, and that pretty much ruins any high-hp
aspirations you may be harboring. (Yeah, yeah, twin-cam high-compression
10,000Krpm forged nitrided cranks, NO-injection notwithstanding, and with
due apologies to the V-8 world, there ain't no subsitute for psi's).