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Re: FS:1981 Audi GT Coupe

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  ...yes.....but.....the 5-cylinder has larger displacement and likely has
  a much broader torque band, as well as higher peak torque and higher peak
  HP. It's really the broader torque curve/output of the 5-cylinder that
  would make the 4000Q a better performer Vs a stock 4000s 4-cylinder, not
  the (10-15?) higher peak HP figure, IMFO.

  .....sure wish I had an old copy of that AudiWatch Performance Matrix
  with the actual HP and torque figures.....as well as 1/4 mile times,
  weight, HP/weight, etc.....it would be a most interesting exercise to
  compare the area under the torque curves for the two engines.....

  Also, I don't know what the 4000s has for gears, but the '84 4000Q has
  4.11:1 diffs and very low, close-ratio transmission gearing. 4000 RPM at
  a mere 80 MPH makes for excellent acceleration, passing power and
  throttle response.


  ========== On Wed, 25 Jan 1995 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

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On 25 Jan 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Is not the additional HP of the 5-cylinder with the OEM header (unlike
>   the Coupe GT's 5-cylinder) enough to overcome the weight penalty of the
>   4000Q Vs the 4000s? I'd be real surprised if a stock 4000s would out
>   accelerate or have a higher top-end Vs a stock 4000Q.....
>   Anyone still have a copy of the "Audi Performance Matrix" that listed HP,
>   weights, 1/4 mile times, etc?

I must admit, I am dealing with purely "seat of the pants" evaluations,
but my pants said that the reduced weight coupled with hp numbers that
are almost identical (+ - 10, 15hp), the S would out accelerate the q any
day.  The top end of the q would certainly be better though.  The S is
geared pretty low (85-87 models w/close ratio), but it gets there pretty
well.  I have acheived a top speed of around 110-115, but don't have a
lot of stright stretches.  I don't have much more room on my license for
points either...
   ---87 4000S, 1.8L
P.S.  Anyone have graphs of the output at various rpm's for the -5?  The
1.8L-4 would be pretty easy to obtain baseline figures, as it is VERY
similar to a GTi motor.

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