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No Subject

I've got a couple of questions regarding new and used Quattros.  My
wife was just in a very serious accident in our '86 4000 CSQ with our
2 kids.  The car was totalled, the kids pretty badly injured (they had to
cut the roof and the passenger side off the car to get them out).  The
firemen said the car saved their lives, no question about it.  Everyone
is expected to recover, but it will take lots of time.  Now the questions:

1) What should I accept as fair market value for the car?  It was in mint
   condition inside and out, perfectly maintained (receipts for everything),
   70K miles, no sunroof or seat heaters, tinted windows, new tires, shocks,

2) After that experience, I am only looking for an Audi as a replacement 
   vehicle.  After scanning some of the archives, I didn't find much
   information about purchasing used 100-class cars ('89-'92).  I'm
   looking for a 100 body style, priced in the $15K-$25K range, Quattro,
   less than 60K miles, excellent condition, 5 speed (if only I could find
   one of the rare 5-speed V8's).  Any suggestions or advice on what to
   look for or expect would be appreciated.  A couple of related 
   questions are:  are any of the wagons worth looking at, and
   are the turbos really suited for around-town, stop and go driving (I
   assume the turbo bearings are water cooled...but I can't expect my
   wife to be putting the car into a "cool-down" idle before putting the
   car into the garage).

Thanks much,

Ken DelGrande