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Bently Manual Set for Sale

I would like to sell the following manual set:

Bently Manual Set
Volume 1 & 2
1984-1988  Audi 5000

This is the two volume set which I think now sells for about $140
at the dealer.  It is in excellent condition.  I will also
include a service bulletin set which I think I paid about $20

I am asking $100 for the whole works.  I don't know what the
postage would be, probably about $10, unless sent 4th class.
These are big books.

ppa@col.hp.com               Work:   719 590 2988

If you want to make an offer for less, okay, but please no flames
on the price, I don't have time to call around to the dealers
here, which seem to go out of business pretty regularly.