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Re: Turbos around town

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  I'm reasonably sure that's a water-cooled turbo in your '89
  200T.....unless perhaps only QTs had water-cooled turbos in '89.....?


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RE: Ken DelGrande <kdg@icbdfcs4.fc.hp.com>

Ken, I'm glad to hear the Audi really protected its occupants (I feel
better about my own '89 200T now).  As far as the Turbo, mine is oil-cooled
with its own separate oil cooler for it.  I've owned it for almost a year
and my wife is the one who drives it the most (to keep the miles down) and
mostly around town serving as Taxi for my son...  Even though she's very
careful at driving, let's say that if anything goes wrong, "its the
battery" she says; that's the extent of her knowledge, so no cool-downs at
the end of the trip, no warm-up at the beginning, no nothing!, and the
thing has performed flawlesly.  The previous owner's wife was also the
principal driver, and it was the same story.  The car has 87,000 miles now,
to give you an idea of the Turbo's reliability... knock on wood!


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