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Re: LED Switch Failures

I saw this on the net earlier ...

Jeffrey Morgan said:
> I find the decision to use switches that have LED's that can not be
> replaced and force you replace the entire switch a bummer.
> Are there any known fixes for replacing the LED's.
The reason why LED's are not easily replaceable is because they rarely 
burn out.  If you have an LED that is not illuminated, the problem is 
probably that the LED is not receiving any power.  You didn't say what 
kind of switch you are having a problem with, but I'll assume it is an
illuminated window switch.  You could have a poor connection from the
wiring harness to the switch, or there could be a loose connection 
within the switch itself.  There is a small printed circuit board in-
side the switch, and there may be a bad connection inside.  I'd 
recommend swapping switches to see if it is a problem with the switch 
or the wiring, and then, if the switch is at fault, take it apart and 
resolder the connections for the LED.  Some of the switches (like the 
ones found in 5000CSQs are glued together and are difficult to take 
apart (notice I did not say impossible :).  If you are doing this I'd 
also recommend that you burnish the switch contacts with some fine s
andpaper while you're in there.

Hope this helps

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Steve Buchholz

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