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TQC heater core replacement

Hi all,

It seems that the heater core on my 83 TQC is leaking. I first noticed a 
slight window fogging while running the heater/defroster. I finally shoved 
my hand up in front of the center console, and much to my disappointment, 
the carpet was wet with coolant. Sooo, has anyone done this work on a 
4000/coupe/TQC? Difficulty involved? Tips? Is this a DIY job or better to 
let the pros handle it?

I looked over the Bentley manual, all 4 pages or so, which cover the heater. 
They show an exploded view of the heater/blower assembly, with the heater 
core sliding in from the passenger side. Does the A/C evapoator(?) have to 
be removed from the passenger foot well?

BTW, the price on a new heater core is around $63 from a local foreign auto 
parts store. Same part is used in a VW wabbit.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com