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>>  I believe the US spec A4 1.8/20v turbo will produce 150hp.  Can anyone
>> else confirm this?
>That's exactly the output that was listed in Auto, Motor, und Sport in
>their recent comparison test between the 1.8/I4 turbo and the 2.6/V6,
>and Audi's DIN HP ratings generally carry over to this country
>unchanged.  Note that most Japanese cars claim 10-20% less HP
>in Germany compared to what they claim here.
>The on-the-road performance of these two engines was almost identical,
>but the magazine preferred the ultra-smooth and quiet V6 to the
>somewhat less refined--if only by comparison--inline four.  Given that
>many Americans and virtually every car magazine thought that even the
>2.8 V6 was barely adequate, I'm not sure what Audi is trying to 
>accomplish by bringing over a less-powerful engine.
>The only advantage that ams would allow the five-valver was that
>it should appeal to people interested in having the maximum of
>valves per cylinder.  In terms of performance and fuel consumption,
>it and the 2.6 V6 were within measurement error.
>John Greenstreet, Senior Engineer           (jgreenst@motown.ge.com)

While down at my not-so-local Audi dealer having that Hi-P brake power
assist unit put into the TQC, I had a chance to talk with the owner of
Stammeler Porsche-Audi in Boulder.  He said that, at a recent meeting it
was presented that the 1.8/20V four was going into the A4 in reponse to
CAFE worries, not as a performance option.  Rumors of a 203 HP high
performance version would appear to be pie in the sky dreams.  That doesn't
mean that the extra 53 HP couldn't be found more easily from the turbo 1.8L
than 31 HP from the V6....