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Re: RS2 turbo

> Subject: Re: RS2 turbo
> Got one comin' in the mail!!!  May want to give ned ritchie a call at
> Intended Acceleration, the price is high, but so is the return...  I shopped
> his prices and found that unless you can get more than a couple buyers at the
> same time, not much difference in prices...  Unless you have a frau in the
> faterlund...

It's too bad we didn't do a survey to find out who else is interested.  I 
don't know how much the thing costs, but I know Dan Bocek is trying to get 
one.  If I had an idea how expensive it was I might be interested too.  Let
 me know if you want to try to put something together.

Steve Buchholz

Oh yes dear, we NEED this new turbo to improve the reliability of the car.  
It's water-cooled.  Yeah ... I think I could float it ;-)