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Re: RS2 turbo

   > > Subject: Re: RS2 turbo
   > It's too bad we didn't do a survey to find out who else is interested.  I 
   > don't know how much the thing costs, but I know Dan Bocek is trying to get 
   > one.  If I had an idea how expensive it was I might be interested too.  Let
   >  me know if you want to try to put something together.

   Someone said they cost about $1000.  
   I read too much...

That's what I paid for my "S4" turbo that I got for my '83 UrQ, from a
KKK distributor in CA; prices ranged to over $2000 from Audi! I would
be "academically interested" in what prices people end up paying for
the RS2 version of the turbo.