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Re: 4000q hp


On Fri, 27 Jan 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> > There's a company here in Briatin called "GTI Engineering", which 
> > specialises in tuning up VW/Audi engines in a professional manner - they 
> > are fully endorsed by V.A.G. and have a reputation here for being 
> > reliable, drivable and good value.
> > 
> > They can get at least 200 BHP out of the five cylinder by increasing its 
> > capacity, fitting new cams and poished, airflowed ports. On the five 
> > cylinder 20 valve they were offering a 240 BHP conversion - of course you 
>            ^^^^^^^^
> I've been curious about this for a while ... does anyone know how easily (if
> at all) this can be installed on a non-turbo 5000?  There's a nearby salvage
> yard that has one of these they're willing to sell cheaply, along with the
> intake and exhaust manifolds, etc.
> I keep meaning to research this further but end up getting distracted by my
> existing projects each weekend and most weeknights... 
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Audi 5000. That's an Audi 200, right? Here in the UK they offered it from 
the factory with the 20 valve normally aspirated 5 cylinder, didn't they? 
I'm sure they did, because the 200 turbo quattro 20 V never made it here, 
and I've seen cars with the 20 valve legend strapped to the back of them. 
Anyway, if they can put it in a coupe in place of the 10 valver, surely 
it'll fit in a saloon?  Have got the brochures back at home, but I won't 
be there for yonks (about six weeks).