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Re: bonehead drivers

On Sat, 28 Jan 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

>  Basically you will and should have throttle on oversteer because the center
> diff will transmit the power (by default) to the rear wheels, unless you lock
> the center diff.  

incorrect.. audis transmit power 50-50 front/rear under no slip conditions.

the 1st generation quattro has diff locks so that if any one of 4 wheels
slip you don't lose all your power to that wheel.

> This is because the center diff hunts for traction when in
> low traction conditions, and defaults the majority of the power to the rear
> wheels.

incorrect.  the center diff allows the driveshafts running to the
front and rear axles to rotate at different speeds.  nothing more.  a
free running differential will send more power to the axle/shaft with
the *least* traction.  if one wheel loses grip completely, you come to
a standstill.

> That is why the audis have the 50/50 lock on the console.  

the early audis have a diff lock to force the front and rear driveshafts
to run at the same speed.  that means that you no longer have a 50-50 split.
imagine the front wheels on ice and the rears on asphalt.

> So, no your quattro is not broken, the effect of the center diff gives you
> the impression that q's break easily,  certainly try the center lock  and
> maybe some snows if you want a little better feel

his 80 quattro comes with a torsen center differential which works very
differently from the 1st generation cars.  locking is automatic and
the torque is transmitted to the axle with more grip.  there is no
center diff lock and it is not needed.

all i can say is.. get some decent snow tires!  awd is no substitute
for it and neither is traction control.

my v8q with studded snow tires can be driven on ice as predictably and
as confidently as a wet road.  and i will never dream of driving on
snowy or icy roads with the regular "all season" tires.