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200TQ 20V /4k CS For Sale

Saw this in the NJ Star Ledger on Saturday, I'd love to have this one...

1991 200 Turbo Quattro 20V, Pearl White, 5 spd, heated sport seats, black 
leather, $14,500  (201) 941-2155

I called up and found out the it had 71K miles, salesman says they buy cars 
back from Audi, no records available but Audi probably has it in their 
Is this a good price?  Do the later cars all suffer from the typical maladies 
on my 5000CST?

Also: 1986 4000CS 5spd 95K $2600 OBO (201) 966-2832

Steve Jagernauth	               '87 Porsche 951 (mfg by Audi)
AT&T Business Communication Services   '87 Audi 5000CST 
Bridgewater, NJ