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addictive power

Just installed my IA stage II (1.6-1.9bar) computer in my 87' 5000tq with
78,000 miles on it. I cant believe the jump in performance this has given to
what use to be a mild mannered 4 door sedan. The car is now fast to say the
least, but now I am wondering how can I get even more power. I know there are
a few of you out there with tq's with over 250bhp and this must be a blast. I
would be interested in around 275bhp and I was wondering in what it takes to
achieve this sort of horse power and is it reliable for the most part.  also
what kind of info could you all give me on proven suspension setups for the
5000. This is my second 5000tq ,the first one I had for only 9k miles before
I had a run in with a dirt inbankment whoops!!!$$$,and it has rear red koni's
and by the feel of it the original front struts. Are konis a good choice for
the front or am I better looking some were else. would sport springs hurt the
ride appreciatively, are they out there for the quattro. any input would be