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Re: 20V heads on 10V engines

>> A less expensive way to get a little more performance from your 10v is to
>> set the initial advance at 12 deg. BTDC to get your knock sensing
>> computer more involved.

This past Saturday, while I was changing plugs and plug wires, I decided to
bump the timing as I did with my '85 4000.  I was surprised to see that the
distributor was not readily adjustable (I had to chisel off a rivet holding
a cover over the distributor clamp bolt) but pleased with the results ... I
wonder if I'll be able to get away with this come summer?

>> Getting a mild Schrick cam (the 268) will make it a little softer on the
>> bottom end, but should get you into the 145-148 hp range. 

I've got an automatic (sigh) so I'm leery of giving up too much bottom-end;
next weekend, when I change the timing belt, I plan to install an adjustable
timing gear that's lying around and advance the cam timing 4 degrees or so.

> I've been thinking about this advice, and am saving for a cam....

I'm certainly tempted ... let me know how it works out.  Thanks for your

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