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Re: 1993 90CS

> From: TZNS56A@prodigy.com  (MR FRANCIS GRASSO)

>    Have a 1993 90CS 5 spd.  The lack of  response at part throttle,
> especially below 4000rpm, is terrible.  Makes me think that the advertised
> 172 hp is a figment of Audi's marketing.  The dealer says "they all run
> like that." Audi's ad comparing the 90 Sport to BMW is a joke.( BTW, I also
> own a 535i also a 5 spd.) Can anyone out there make any suggestions?

I also have a '93 90CS 5-speed, but I would have to disagree with your
characterization of the V6's performance. While the car is no where near
over powered (especially the Quattros), I have found the low-end grunt
impressive for an engine which also loves to rev over 4-5000 RPM to no end.

The torque peak is at 3000 RPM, fairly low, and it has a very broad power
band with the HP peak up around 5500 RPM (or is it 5300?). I love it around
town because it feels a more relaxed than, say, the 325i VANOS engine, yet
if you stomp on it you're got the speed limit doubled before you know it.

That said, I must admit that the engine has a bit of a Jekyl & Hyde personality.
It has a variable intake track, which uses long runners at low RPM to provide
all of that torque and then pops open an extra set of very short runners at
high RPM to uncork the breathing.  The switch happens at ~4000 RPM, depending
on various parameters.

This could account for your observation about responsiveness. When accelerating
below 4000 RPM, the engine gives the feel of being larger, with lots of torque;
but as you swing through 4000 RPM, the note turns to a growl and it feels like
it just caught a second wind and you have to hand on for the redline. Above
4000 RPM, the engine is very frenetic, like the BMW's is most of the time.

The car does have a bit of a lazy feel around town, a point exacerbated by
a very long travel in the throttle (noticably longer than most BMWs). You
have to tromp quite aways to get to the power.

I have to agree with the point that David Bokaie make in an earlier response
that Audis are not cars which impress on the first or second drive. It takes
a while to appriciate them. Nor are they cars built for drag racing at stop
lights; give them an open road and speed over 60 MPH, though, and the story
is completely different.

I was impressed by the car when I bought it. But I'm even more so now after
a year and a half.