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re: tyres on the 100

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Joff wrote:

> I finally washed the wheels on my car at the weekend. Then I noticed the 
> tyres. It's a 100E 2.8 auto, so front wheel drive, not a quattro. In 
> september 94 I fitted four new Pirellis at enormous expense. The fronts 
> are now pretty bald, illegal, according to the tyre garage. I mean, I 
> drive the thing exuberantly, but not wheel spinningly so: I've always 
> believed in the subtle art of blowing the doors of lesser machinery, not 
> screeching off at the lights. It is an auto, I know. After five months, 
> should I be seeing this kind of wear, because the backs are brand new 
> looking (yeah, I know there's no drive going to them, but still). 

I had a pair of used wheels that were slightly bent, but you couldn't 
feel it if they were on the back.  On the front, they vibrated a little.  
As a result, I didn't rotate the tires all summer.  I wasted the fronts 
by the time winter came and the backs still look good.

You just need to routinely rotate the tires and they will wear evenly.  
The same for a rear wheel drive.  It only takes a few minutes to do.  The 
uneven wear between the front and rear will just kinda sneak up on you.  
One day I just realized the fronts were nearly bald.  BTW, mine is FWD also.
		--87 4000S, 1.8L
		(80 saloon in Europe?)