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Re: UK CLub News (Quattro mags).

In message <v01510103ab54715729d4@[]> Hugo van der Vlist writes:

> Phil Payne wrote:
> >One of the events planned for 1995, BTW, is a major meet at the
> >Silverstone racing circuit on 28 July - the goal is to get 100 urqs on the
> >club
> >stand.

> The (very small) pictures in Classic Cars of October 94 already made
> several of our Dutch Audi Coupe club members dream about a trip to this
> event. I will surely be there, and combine this with a holiday in England.
> Maybe I'll visit the Formula One Grand Prix on 16 July as well.
> Do you already have a schedule for the meeting? And for the Historic Festival?
> I guess the Festival runs until Sunday afternoon?

Yes, it does.  BTW - we had a Belgian contingent at the UK Club's Annual 
General Meeting.  

You're right about the schedule - right across the weekend. I have a much more 
detailed version of the planned events, and I'll upload it as soon as I get 

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