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Audi's Ventilation Strategy

Seen several posts about the whys and wherefores for Audis  blowing un-
heated air from some of the vents.  As I recall, the owner's manual for 
the '78 Audi Fox stated that the air coming from the side vents was not 
heated to allow the driver to direct unheated air to the face to discour-
age drowsiness.  I have found this to be quite useful, but here in CA we 
don't see much in the way of *real* cold temperatures.  On the ur-Q the 
center vents were unheated ... I figured that this allowed the outer vents 
to be used to defrost the door windows.  I usually drive with the unheated 
vents directed upwards and in the direction of my face, and the heated 
ones downward.

Steve Buchholz