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Re: all the news that's fit(?)

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995 adams@churchill.columbiasc.ncr.com wrote:

> I guess "blowing a ____ into the weeds with my ____" is much more 
> meaningful.

that's a colorful way of saying that car X will accelerate to
a certain distance/speed in less time than car Y.  duh.

> > "lack of specific information" can mean nothing more than that
> > particular piece of information being irrelevant in the reviewer's
> > criteria.  
> Check out the latest ad for a Maxima: faster than a BMW (with 20% less
> displacement), better gas mileage than a 4-cyl (AWD Suburu) .....
> If someone leaves out information they are only advertising the good
> qualities, which is fine except in an open forum, like the quattro list,
> we should look for ALL the information.

contradiction here.  you are (still) advocating ignoring unmeasurable
qualities of an engine.  that is hardly "looking for ALL the
information".   it seems that you have a rigid idea as to what
constitutes information and that anything subjective is not
information.  that seems to be the crux of the argument here.
ok, i will indulge you in your numbers game.. so the vr6 loses out a
little in mid range torque.  that can be completely measured.  the vr6
concedes this to the audi v6.

next?  throttle response?  the vr6 has a lighter flywheel therefore it
feels a lot more lively.  we can actually measure some of
this... where are the numbers for flywheel weight, its polar moment of
inertia and time taken while unloaded to reach say, 5000 rpm?  how
about speed of engine acceleration divided by throttle pedal travel
distance?  why aren't these numbers included?  could it be that
(gasp!) we are selectively ignoring information that someone decided
was not relevant?  or could it be that too many numbers make jack a
dull boy?  could it be that certain things are just better expressed
in english text rather than mathematics and physics?

> > it is completely futile to try to ram one's own set of criteria down
> > the throats of others.
> Ah, your finally catching on.

cheap shot.