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Re: RE: 1993 90CS

> On Tue, 31 Jan 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
> > I'dd put money on the 325 then a draw on teh passat/90q, with the
> > corrado smiling the whole time....   But hey, that M3 just passed......
> audi's real rival to the M3 is the S2 or RS2 both of which are not
> imported here.  i think the RS2 was tested to do 0-60 in under 5
> seconds, the S2 is probably slower than the 286bhp european M3 but
> will probably beat the american one..

Actually the 0-60 of the US Spec M3 is the same as the Euro Spec.
Above that speed it's a differant story.

> the bimmers do not have 4 driven wheels, neither do they have ned 
> ritchie!!!

Both BMW and Mercedes have dropped their "4 driven wheels" for traction
control soloutions (at least that is their story).  But in the recent 
Autoweek they review a handful of "4 driven wheels" autos to include 
a Suburu, Chevy Van and best of all a 100 Quattro.  Within the Quattro
article they discuss how Audi is trying to postition itself as the 
sole provider of Luxury "4 driven wheels" sedans.  Interesting given 
that a base 100 Quattro costs the same as a loaded SUV (Trooper, Explorer,
Pathfinder, etc).

Daniel Adams

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SUV's do not provide the same level of refinement in their 
4WD / AWD systems...... Going up Interstate 89 in Vermont
on a Friday night in a winter snow can find all kinds of
SUV's off the road because the SUV philosophy gives their 
owners a false sense of security. I have yet to see any
Audi (2wd or Awd) off the road. I've only had my 80Q for
a year, but my Pathfinder or my friends AWD Grand Cherokee
is no match for traction ON THE STREET. SUV's belong in some
lumber camp not on a highway.