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Re: Re(2): Suspension/Handling Problems[D

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>  I have the same problem concerning the shuttering.  During the weekends
> I travel a great deal on the highway.  Most of this traveling is done at
> speeds in excess of 75mph.  However, once I reach 90mph the car feels
> very unsafe.  It shutters!  So. . . I slow down and continue at a slower
> speed.  Anyone know what this could be due to?  My car is an 87 4000cs
> with 120,000 miles.  It has new shocks and struts.  Any ideas?
> 				Andrew
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> I didn't see too much activity on this one, so I thought I'd add a few 
> comments.  First and foremost ... if you are doing a lot of driving at or 
> above 75 mph I hope that you are using VR or better rated tires.  HRs are 
> rated for operation to 85, but I'd be concerned running them at 75+ for 
> extended periods.
> Things to look for when front end shudders at high speed:
> 1) Tire balance - A slight imbalance can be a big problem @ 90.  Look for 
>    signs of unusual tire wear.
> 2) Check alignment & steering components for wear.  You say that you have 
>    new struts/shocks.  Have a 4-wheel alignment done and have the steering 
>    checked for worn parts (tie-rod ends, bushings, etc).
> 3) Check the steering damper if your car has one.
> 4) Check for loose bodywork in the front of the car that can be vibrating 
>    (and possibly redirecting airflow)
> Sometimes you can direct your troubleshooting by collecting as much info-
> rmation about the problem as you can about the symptoms (like how much the 
> shudder can be felt in the steering wheel, or if the effect seems to be 
> more pronounced on one side of the car).  Since it is very easy to get in 
> trouble at 90MPH with an unstable car I wouldn't recommend going out for 
> a test drive ... try to recollect as much as you can.  
> Steve Buchholz
 1) Just had tires balanced.  No sign of tire wear.

 2) Just had an alignment.  Question- How often should I get an

 3) Aleady checked for loose body work.  The shutter comes from the
steering wheel.  The shuttering is more pronounced when cruising at
85mph and not under full throttle at 85mph.  

	Any other suggestions?  Thanks again!