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Re: Suspension/Handling Problems

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Joff wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Andrew Shea wrote:
> >  I have the same problem concerning the shuttering.  During the weekends
> > I travel a great deal on the highway.  Most of this traveling is done at
> > speeds in excess of 75mph.  However, once I reach 90mph the car feels
> > very unsafe.  It shutters!  So. . . I slow down and continue at a slower
> > speed.  Anyone know what this could be due to?  My car is an 87 4000cs
> > with 120,000 miles.  It has new shocks and struts.  Any ideas?
> > 
> > 				Andrew
> > 
> > 
> What kind of wheels have you got on? I've an '84 BMW 316 with 106,000 
> miles on the clock and it suffers the same thing; it's down to the 
> aftermarket alloys that are fitted - the original steels cured it. A 
> friend had the same problem with a GTi, and again it was solved by 
> putting the steels on.
> 	Getting a very very accurate balance helps, too.

That is something that I hadn't thought of.  I have an 87 4000S with the 
Ronal spoked factory wheels.  After getting new tires, it vibrated a 
little in the front, until, one day, approaching 90mph, it got *really* 
bad and then a loud clunk.  It threw one of the crimp-on wheel weights 
off and hit the inner fender.  Since then, I have had the shop fit the 
tape-a-weight stick on weights on and had no problems.  The stick on's 
are the only way to go.  It seems the factory wheels don't have enough of 
a "lip" to hold the crimp on weights.