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Vented rear disks anyone?

I went down to the local dealer to pick up some rear pads for the wagon 
the other day (the tire store said my pads and rotors needed to be re-
placed).  I asked about the rear rotors, and the fiche showed that the 
rotors were vented.  I didn't recall seeing vented rotors last time I 
looked, so I pulled the rear wheels off when I got home.  After removing 
the seriously overtightened lug bolts and verifying that the pads and 
rotor were close to min specs (but otherwise OK) I was slightly disap-
pointed to find I had solid rotors.

But now I'm wondering ... Does anybody out there have vented rears on 
their wagons?  Is the brake caliper different for vented rotors?  I have 
ATE calipers with the 36 mm bore.  Can these rotors be fitted on an ur-Q?

Any info much appreciated!

Steve Buchholz