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Tire Balancing & alignment

I bought a new set of tires for the '88 5k CSTQ last weekend and had a 
similar experience as Bob had.  Driving away from the tire shop I jumped 
on the freeway and heard 3 thunks, coming from 3 different corners of the 
car.  I took the car back and told them to re-check ... they said only 
one weight was thrown, but they rebalanced all 4 for me anyway.  I spec-
ifically asked for the crimp-on weights because I have had problems in 
the past with tape-ons interfering with the front rotors.  I have the 
stock turbo-styled wheels.  What's a mother to do?

With regards to how often I get the alignment checked, I do it whenever 
I notice any unusual wear when I rotate the tires, or after I've done any 
work on the suspension or steering.  I had the '88 checked after I replaced
the steering rack.  They said that the front alignment was fine, but the 
rear needed adjustment.

Steve Buchholz