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Re: schrick and RS2/S4

Yes the 272 is the middle cam for the 5cyl:  Schrick makes a 268, a 272 and a
radical 276.  Ned recommends the 272 for the turbo, so do I.  In stock form
the 272 comes on at about 3800rpm and with the 8degree cam advance I did the
cam comes on at about 3000 even.  The 276 I would look at if building the
killer norm asp 5cyl.  It comes on at about 4500 and flies to redline but the
giveup is at the bottom and we know that the audis don't have a lot to
give...  I have the actual cam specs if you need them.  

The 272 with the IA stage 1 computer mods was good for about 20hp.  think
with the S4 the gains are about the same, cuz the S4 turbo strength is not
moving more air, but maintaining boost.  I had this discussion with Ned last
year about the S4 vs Extrud Honing the stock (oversize by race standards).
 It was my opinion that the larger turbo has the advantage of being able to
keep the loaded car (weight)  performance better than a smaller but faster
spooling turbo...  I held off on the S4 for that reason...  Then the boys at
porsche did that RS2 thing and Ned will admit that it is the Cats meow.  The
S4 turbo, will however gain some precious seconds in the throttle response
and torque figures (by more boost sooner) and doesn' dump the boost between
shifts, but I am getting 1.8 bar (with the cam timing up one sprocket) at

BTW, ned has a setup where he takes the RS2 exh impellor with the S4
compressor to blend the "best" of both worlds, but I had (and Ned confirmed)
mucho reservations about the heat generated by this setup.  Still debating
the EH of the exh impellor b4 putting the RS2 in, but that 320hp sounds too