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Re: RS2 turbo

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, Thomas Tornblom wrote:

> With all this talk about getting more oomph in our audi turbos, I am
> wodering if anyone has tested fitting two turbos?
> I read an article in a swedish car mag a couple of years ago about a
> Volvo 245 that a turbo shop in Gothenburg had put two turbos in.
> The interesting thing about it was that the two turbos was connected in
> series, and that the turbos was of very different size. The turbo
> closest to the engine was small and would thus give good low end
> performance while the other was a large one giving the real boost.

That is a sequential twin-turbo setup, much like what is used on the 
latest generation RX7's.  Although the characteristics of a rotory are, 
to say the least, quite different from a piston engine, it should work.  
Haven't heard of it being done though.