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Re: Vented rear Disks

Yes, I looked at doing the conversion on my 87 5ktq...  My guess is that
given the 36 stamping on your caliper you have a 86-87 avant?  The later cars
late '87 forward used a 38mm cyl in the rear brake.  According to the fische
I have access to the addition of the vented rear rotor started in 89.  I also
found that the wagon uses a different (larger?) master cylinder, which you
want to make sure you have as well.  My hunting continued in that the fishe
or the local brake exchange facility in chicago, showed no difference in
caliper or pad app, so i'm guessing that the vented rotors are either thinner
or use a different caliper/rotor mount (thinking they must be thicker).
Again, no help from either source on this one...  Thought I'd hold off until
I could see the parts up close, no parts USA available at the time to see.

  Let me know if you find any more info out, I'm hoping to upgrade the 5ktq
sedan to this setup if feasible