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RE: Twin serial turbos

|From: quattro-owner
|To: quattro
|Subject: Twin serial turbos
|Date: Thursday, February 02, 1995 7:47AM
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|I read an article in a swedish car mag a couple of years ago about a
|Volvo 245 that a turbo shop in Gothenburg had put two turbos in.
|The interesting thing about it was that the two turbos was connected in
|series, and that the turbos was of very different size. The turbo
|closest to the engine was small and would thus give good low end
|performance while the other was a large one giving the real boost.
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|I believe that Porsche used this same strategy on the 959.  Not aware
|of any Audi apps though.
|Steve B.

The RX7 Twin Turbo is also done sequencially.