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re: re:Fogging up (getting steamed)

 Scott M. wrote: 
> I side with RDH these days as I'm getting a little ballistic when it comes 
> to the climate control system in my 86 5000CS T.
> In my car the aspiration fan that SUCKS air past the interior temp sensor 
> has officially died (expired aspire)  (I foolishly thought it was just 
> stuck). This is the fan located under the little vent hole in the center 
> of the dashboard. Of course this cheesy little motor is ONLY $215 at the 
> dealer. No worry, I just have the passenger blow into the vent when I want 
> to cool things down in the interior. Sometimes if I'm lucky she will blow 
> into my ear while I drive. WHOOOO-WAAAAAAAA!
> I need a vacation.  Enough silliness for now. It is time to head to the 
> wrecking yard for the aspiration motor.
> Scott M.  

I haven't taken one of my little motors out, but just a thought:  maybe 
you could get one at Radio Shack or perhaps one of those that run the 
model cars (probably more durable).

Shea Rutstein