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Re: Brake Caliper bolts

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995 zm@mhcnet.att.com wrote:

> I will be replacing the front and rear brake pads on my '87 5000 TQ soon
> (with Repco MetalMasters by the way). The Bentley manual says that the
> self-locking brake caliper bolts MUST be replaced by new ones with the
> pad change. Is this necessary? Talking to my local Audi dealer parts
> person and also to Linda at Carlsen, both said that it is not
> necessary - they don't do it at the dealerships. The suggestion was to
> use locktite (thread sealer) on the threads. Apparently, the new bolts
> just come with blue loctite on them. 

>From my experience, and most others that I have talked to, the "use only 
once" bolts are fine with some Loctite.  If you are really concerned, use 
the "Red" which is for locking studs and bearings.  It won't come off.