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Re: Brake Caliper bolts

> I have not replaced the front pads yet as I couldn't get the caliper off!
> I believe it's a "Teeves" style caliper with the two bolts holding the
> caliper from the back side of the caliper.  These are bolts with the
> washers and integral part of the bolt head, and have these ugly serrations
> on the underside so the lock up tight.  The book says they should be
> torqued to 92ft lbs!!!  I would believe it, because I can't get the bolts
> out.
> There isn't enough room to fit a decent breaker bar...besides, I'm afraid I
> would just round the head off if I did it this way.  I didn't look at
> turning the wheels to full lock, so that might give me a little more room
> to work.  However, am I going to have to rent an impact wrench?  If so, I
> don't have a compressor...etc.  Would I be better off just taking it to a
> garage?  <sigh...>  Anyone have experience with these things?

Not with your specific car/caliper, but in general:

Can you get a box-end wrench on their and whack it with a hammer (poor man's
impact wrench). As far as rounding the head, if you use a quality (good fit)
6-point socket and seat it fully on the bolt, you'll more likely break a
stuck bolt than round the head off...

> Chris