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Re: Suspension/Handling Problems

> >  I have the same problem concerning the shuttering.  During the weekends
> > I travel a great deal on the highway.  Most of this traveling is done at
> > speeds in excess of 75mph.  However, once I reach 90mph the car feels
> > very unsafe.  It shutters!  So. . . I slow down and continue at a slower
> > speed.  Anyone know what this could be due to?  My car is an 87 4000cs
> > with 120,000 miles.  It has new shocks and struts.  Any ideas?
> > 
> > 				Andrew
> My 1986 Audi 90 does this too, 85-90mph the car begins to do some rather strange things. You can feel a vibration coming up through the steering and the rear headrests start rattling around. I've had the geometry of the front checked out and I'm told that it's one degree out of toe. Unfortunately, the garage that told me this didn't have the tools to put it right - so it's going into an Audi dealer for sorting. Will let you know if this fixes the problem
> Graham
  Thank you!  Please do keep me informed.