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RE: re: tyres on the 100

I picked up used wheels in excellent condition at ABC in Leominster for $75.00
each for the 5000Q a few years ago. These wheels were $300 new and the person
on the phone said $125, but gave them to me for $75 when I got there.

There is a wheel shop who fixes bent or even broken steel,
aluminum, and chrome wheels in Mayland, near Baltimore.  I had
my father's 100 CS wheel fixed there for $75 plus $8 for
balancing.  The process took about 40 minutes.  The wheel
looked all right from outside, but, in front wheel, it vibrated
so much.  I know it is expensive, however, it was worth the
time and money, since they did a perfect job on it.  New wheel
cost $3-400, and used one cost $150, if you can find one.  The
name of wheel shop is "Ye Olde Wheel Shop" and they do a lot of
business by ups.  if anyone interested, i will post the 800
number later.