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Re: Aucra v6

Dave, did not say that acura does not have a v6, yes the legend always did...
 However, my opinion (.02 pesos) is that honda did not believe in the v6 as a
marketing (sell cars) tool...  The only engine that is worth anything from
the acura/honda is the 6 that resides in the NSX and that has no relation to
the 6 in the legend, and in fact, is more based on the "indy" V12X.50 than
the legend.  The legend sohc v6 head confuses even the most faithful of honda
loving engineers, in its design (read very expensive).  Now that honda has
learned that the rest of the world is going to sixes, they are reluctantly
taking the bait with the "new" accord v6.

The reason for the new accord v6 is that both the vtec and the legend v6 are
very expensive heads (take your pick), a simpler design might even save some
bucks and certainly put the power below the "reline figures" hondas are
famous for, the world market buys torque, not necessarily the HP in the

My argument remains that the legend v6 in the accord is a stop-gap for the
v6, just as much as the vtec, if not more so.  When the competition has the
jump on your development by 4-5yrs, honda tends to get creative with the

To put this back on the q's however, I'm not sure the vr6 isn't of the same
logic, can't/won't change the bay design, so change the engine design to
accommodate the bay.  A new engine vs a fixit on the hondas, however, so I'll
give the skewed logic to the boys in the faterund.  I am still trying to
figure the guy who has the balls to put DOHC on the cam covers of the vr6
however, I think I need the explanation of that one, maybe since the angle is
so narrow....

another peso