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re: Re: Audi 5000T Climate control diagnostics codes

   > The diagnostic codes only apply to the 5000 A/C systems used from 10/85 
   > forward. This is when they switched over to the digital control type 
   > system instead of the older analog system. My 9/85 5000CS T has the older 
   > type (missed it by that much, chief). The digital system has a up/down 
   > speed control for the fan.
   > Scott M.

I think you might be wrong about the digital system having the diagnostics
codes. The reason I say this is that mine defintely has the codes (1986),
but I do not have the up/down speed control for the fan (wish I did). I only
have the low and high speed setting (in addition to the automatic setting).

But I would definetly characterize my controls as digital since all readouts
are digital, with push buttons to control the various modes and tempartures.

// Dan Nimtz
//   dnimtz@mill2.millcomm.com