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Re: bearings and bouces

cmice@mke.ab.com (Christopher Ice) wrote:

>"Tap, Tap" is coming back...maybe I'll have a good chance at >recording it
>and we can put it on the Web Page!  ;-)  As a reminder to those >who are new
>or don't remember the thread, my 90Q makes a loud TAP TAP >noise which is
>not lifters, does not appear to be temperature related, and is >definitely
>speed related...noticable at idle not a cruise.  It's >embarassing, as
>people look at me as if the car is going to explode. 

I have the SAME problem (embarrasment, mostly) with my CoupeQ! I don't know
whether it's the lifters or the pump, but it sounds ridiculous! Only at
idle...and after being "tuned up" 5K ago...where are those "diesel" decals?

1990 Coupe Quattro, 60K
1986 Chevy Caprice, 280,500K