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Re: FS: 85 4000q - $1700

Is it gone yet???????

>For Sale!
>1985 Audi 4000 Quattro
>4 Wheel Drive - 5 Speed 
>2.2 Litre 5 Cyl motor
>181k Miles - Strong Runner - Burns no oil
>Recent timing belt, water pump (30k ago)
>New Clutch and pressure plate - 10k ago (Big $$$)
>40k on replaced rear differential
>8k on new tires
>Pioneer in Dash CD player, with external amp and 4 speakers.
>This is a very solid and relaible car.  It was just driven this weekend
>from Milwaukee, WI to Terre Haute, IN, and got 25 MPG on the trip.  The only
>problem with the car is that it seemed to have a poor paint job earlier in it'
>life, and now the paint has no shine, and is chipping.
>Reason for selling: Just bought a '88 90 Quattro
>Price: $1700 firm
>Contact Doug @ 414-769-8919 (Evenings) or 414-747-3734 (days)
>The Car is in Milwaukee, WI

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