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Re: Engine falters in 1st gear; Solved!!

>Apparently, the electrical connector to the injector was falling apart inside
>and when it didn't make contact, to fuel to that cylinder. The reason it only
>happened when pulling away was that the torque on letting out the clutch 
>twisted the whole engine enough to one side to put tension on the cable to
>that injector.

I want to extend a hearty thanks to Chris for this little tidbit of 
information.  I originally thought that the fuel pump was the problem, but 
now I believe it was a loose ground connection.  The connector in question 
attaches to the side of the intake manifold next to the fuel distributor,
on the same threaded stud as the clamp/bracket for the CO tap tube resides.
The connector was loose, but touching the tap tube.  When I rotated it off
of the tube, then engine died.  I pulled the connector off, cleaned the
whole setup a bit, and put it all back together.  A short test run showed
no indications of any hesitation.  The engine also seems to be pulling
stronger now, although that may be my imagination.  :-)

Thank for your help, gang.