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No Subject

	Just a few q's from a first time user who's been observing the goings-on of the aficionados for a few days;

	AAA- Does anyone have a list of Q five speed transmission codes by year, model and various gear ratios?
	specifically, what year and model was the 6e made for?
	BBB- which transmissions bolt-up to a 5 cyl. eng.?

	CCC- What are the performance tricks applicable to a stock "86 5ktq, I>EI.E. cam timing etc. low budget/no expenditure (other than labor) mods?

	DDD- What"trick" is there for filling an '86 tq transmission?
Icould not get any oil into the center diff. by filling via the normal fill plug on the left hand side front diff.  I ended-up rebuilding the transmission....
long story!

	Thanks in advance,