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Re: 1991 V8 quattro

How much is it for a round trip ticket to The Big Easy?  I've got 'til this 
weekend to find the car. (kidding of course ;-)

$12,500 for a 5-speed V8Q that needs a paint job.  Let me know if you're not 
interested gml2.  I would highly recommend taking any car that you're inter-
ested in but not familiar with to the dealer for a good once over.  They work 
on these cars and have nothing to gain or lose with the inspection.  Have the 
dealer look up the service history for you too.  If there are problems that 
they find it can serve as a negotiating tool that can save much more than the 
cost of the inspection.  Call them now to find out how much the inspection 
will cost.

I don't know why everybody refers to them as "inboard brakes" ... My defini-
tion of inboard brakes is brakes that are mounted at the other end of the 
half-shaft to minimize unsprung weight (ala Audi 100LS and Alfa GTV6).  The 
V8Q came with internal calipers which are intended to increase unsprung 
weight (and increase brake swept area for a given wheel size).  It is very 
easy to tell if the car has them ... just look at the front wheels.  If you 
see something that looks like a steel wheel underneath the wheel it has the 
internal caliper front brakes.  You would probably not be able to get them 
replaced under warranty now.  

I can't speak to the V8's long-term reliability or the problems that are 
typical for this car, but I'm sure you'll hear from those who know.

Keep us informed!
Steve Buchholz