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Re: Newbie's neglect

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995, David Ratner wrote:

> I'm a proud '84 4000S owner (94K miles).  However, over the years I am 
> asahamed to admit that I am the master of neglect.  What can I do to my 
> beloved car to make it last my lifetime?  Is there anything to preserve 
> the differential, or transmission, etc...  I am talking about inexpensive 
To "preserve" the trans., use a synthetic transmission lube.  The best 
are Redline and Mobil-1.  I am assuming that you have a manual trans...

> How do I turn off the OXS light w/o replacing the costly sensor unit 
> itself.  Any suggestions to help a cash-starved Audi owner would be 

If you replace the O2 sensor, it wouldn't turn off the light.  The light 
is an indicator to check the sensor, not an indicator that it is bad.  It 
is triggered by the speedo/odometer at a preset milage.(every 50K??)

To reset it , you must remove the gauge pod from the dash, and insert a 
small instrument (a pen or a nail will do) and push gently until you hear 
a slight "click".  This resets the light.  If memory serves me, the hole 
is on the top right hand corner of the panel when looking at it from the 
		--87 4000S, 1.8L