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Re: S4 20v vs S2 10v

> Dan,
> 	Do you know if this compressor bypass valve from the S4 would
> fit the 86-88 5000 Turbos? Would modifications be required? If you have
> priced this valve from Audi and Sport Wheels, could you give the numbers
> ($ and part number if you know)?

Well, "fit" is a relative term.  I really don't think that the plumbing 
off of an S4 would transfer over at all to a 10V engine.  Although I 
really have no way of verifying this statement (since I don't have the 
films for the S4) common sense indicates to me that a cross-flow head is 
gonna have radically different plumbing requirements than the 
run'o'the'mill 10V heads.  I was just gonna wing it, fabricating the 
plumbing as I needed it.  It really shouldn't be too hard - you only need 
to hook up 3 things: 1) a source of manifold pressure (this acutates the 
valve), 2) a ~ 1 inch tap into the turbo intake hose, and 3) a ~ 1 inch 
tap into the turbo outlet hose.  I'll post the details when I actually do 

WRT price - I think I paid ~ 75 bucks for the Sport Quattro valve.

WRT part # - This one's kinda tough.  The thing is made by Bosch, so the
number written on the side of the valve is a Bosch number.  For what it's
worth, the number is 0280142102.  You can't get these from Audi of America
(AOA) anyways, so I doubt a part # will do much good.  Sport Wheels has
this new deal with Audi, however:  Since they're not a dealership, they're
not allowed obtain any parts from AOA that one could buy over the counter 
at any Audi or VW dealership.  However, they *ARE* now allowed to obtain 
any other part that Audi produces but does not otherwise bring into this 
country.  That is how they were able to get these Sport Quattro valves.

If you just want the plain vanilla valve used in the S4, the Bosch number 
is 0280142100.  I do have an Audi part # for this valve.  It is 034145710A. 
I think these are around 50 bucks from your local handy dandy Audi 

                                                         Dan Bocek